From the front end, designing a website, especially a “free” website may seem like a straight forward, simple process that requires little or no investment (of finances and time).

But, far too often, “free” website services are not free at all, or come with so many limits that the process can become frustrating and even expensive in the long run. Below are a few points to consider when checking out companies that tout themselves as “free WordPress website services.”

Website Domain Fees and Server Costs

First and foremost, there are costs involved in designing custom websites with almost every software service. If you’re looking for a custom domain to host your website, and a server to design on, you will have to pay a price.

In this area, look for the most efficient software service or site. Sure, you’ll probably still need to purchase a custom domain, however, some sites, like, allow you to design within their server (even multiple sites at once). It saves you money and keeps your costs minimal.

The Cost of WordPress Design Support

Far too often, novice designers and marketers attempt to create a WordPress website and get stuck. This is not because WordPress is complicated or difficult to learn, it’s simply that in all design circumstances, questions arise that having an expert to provide answers could be beneficial.

In cases like this…what happens? Do you hire someone to complete your work? Pay per question for answers on a WordPress support forum? See how this could add up?

Instead, look for a site that provides WordPress support as part of your package. From video tutorials to get started to real-time question and answer capabilities and an active community to answer other questions, having a WordPress support team behind you is possible with a fixed monthly fee that won’t change.

Advertising and Fees to Avoid it

Many free WordPress sites plaster advertising at all angles. Or, logos that don’t belong to your company. The remedy? Pay to remove it. Once again, while the overall design process is “free,” the hidden costs of ending up with the site you’re hoping for will add up.

Once again, look for a site that doesn’t use this method to collect your money.

Lack of WordPress Creativity

Generally speaking, “free” websites come with many limitations. Drag and drop sites and pre-programmed site themes can only be changed so much. In most cases, the designer is unable to add their own plug-ins and features, which limits overall design and outcomes.

By signing up for a WordPress software site that offers hundreds of themes and the ability to customize as much as you’d like, (once again, is a great example), you’re guaranteed that your final product will match what you’ve been dreaming of…at the price you’re expecting, nothing hidden, nothing to add up.

Be weary of free website design services, and look elsewhere. While there may be more of an investment from the first look, you’ll probably save yourself money in the long-run. Think ahead, think smart and get started today!





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