With every initiative we pursue, there’s one fundamental principal that we consider at all times: the power of social sharing.

Because of the combination of the vastness of the web, combined with the need for online social connections, the potential is limitless. People want to connect with others with similar interests and concerns, they want to be moved by a cause and they want to have a voice. Social sharing enable this voice while establishing connections that might not exist otherwise.

The infographic below illustrates this. A few interesting notes that can be taken from the illustration and applied to a Social HubSite community include the following:

The Need for Inclusion

Online users want to feel as though they’re a member of something, the part of a bigger picture. As demonstrated below, 77 percent of people thing logins are a good thing…logins allow users to feel as though they have access to exclusive content and that by logging in, they’re a part of something more. Think about this when building your next branded online community.

Integration is a Necessity

Look at the stats below…Facebook has over 1 billion active users, Google+ has 500 million and Twitter has 200 million. If you’re not taking the time to reach out to these markets through an integrated private social community, you’re missing out. Over 40 percent of social media users regularly share content. They repost photos and statuses and take the time to share their own photos and statuses across multiple sites and accounts. They want a voice…you can help give it to them.

Media is not Limited to a Single Form

The reason various networks exist is that different forms of media attract different users. Video speaks to some (thus the YouTube sensation), others look for on the go tidbits (Twitter) and some want a community (Facebook). Regardless of the media type, you’re able to cater to everyone. By creating a branded social community, you can allow for multiple uploading and sharing options that can be shared across the more popular social networks for a larger reach.

Your impact on the world of social media should start today. Look at the statistics below, think of the message you want your brand to share and the way you’d like to engage an audience of millions. Think big. Contact us today to learn more!

Social Sharing

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