Content matters. It drives interest in your brand and likely traffic to your website. It’s the reason your customers have come to or will come to see you as a valued information source. So, how do you get started? What’s the secret behind successful content marketing?

Proper Management

If you don’t have an individual – on staff or through a content provider – responsible for overseeing your content on a regular, ongoing basis, you’re missing out. Content is not something that’s created on a whim with the hopes that it hits the right market. It should be a strategic tool, written by a professional who understands your brand, your market and your industry.

Content production should be handled by a professional, on or off staff, supervised and measured regularly. Management is key.

Solid Strategy

Like any marketing initiative, without a strategy, a written plan and proper procedures, content marketing will fail.

This is a shame since it has been proven to be one of the most effective tools for driving website traffic and online conversions. Think about your site or blog goals. What are you hoping to accomplish? Who are you trying to reach? Write out your plan. Research the keywords and factors that influence your target market. Write accordingly. Strategy matters.

Social Media Integration

Social media is how information spreads. It’s the way you are able to connect and engage with your customers online before every making contact in person. It’s also how your target market communicates most frequently with their peers and network. Because of this, providing a way for your content to be shared across traditional social media sites is not just important, it’s the lifeblood of a successful online content campaign.

In fact, a recent study by Brafton found that 70% of consumers regularly click through the content of blogs that they find through social media links. It’s not a one-time, one-read visit and done. If social media is driving readers to your site, it’s likely that they’ll check out what else you have to offer. Reason enough? It should be.

If you have yet to start a content marketing strategy, or are looking for ways to increase the impact and engagement potential of your current initiatives, contact Social HubSite today.

Our team is able to craft a strategy and plan while providing content that makes the impact you’re hoping for. Don’t wait, get started today.

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