Content MarketingIn recent months, I’ve started to notice a trend. See, businesses, brands, marketers and everyone else involved in social, online activities have started to catch on to the fact that content drives traffic and conversions. They’ve recognized that regular content creation and sharing leads to more interaction, higher levels of visibility and better search engine rankings. Because of this, content has become a focus. Sounds positive, right? Unfortunately, it’s not. You see, the individuals responsible for creating and sharing content have become so focused on the quantity, that they’ve lost focus on quality. It’s time to go back. Check out the tips below for creating effective online content that not only reaches, but engages your online community.

Post Consistently

No, it’s not all about the frequency, but it does matter. The more active you are as a community moderator, the more likely your followers and members are to follow suit. Make an effort to post content – whether it’s yours or shared from another source – daily. Start conversations, respond to comments and questions and put the focus back on quality.

Mix it Up

Content doesn’t all have to be text that’s 500-800 words long. Eventually, that loses its effect. Instead, share a variety of content – information you create, links to other posts, content that highlights community members and what they’re up to, promotions, memes, infographics, you get the idea. By sharing content that’s not always the same, you’ll keep the interest level high and members will have a reason to sign in regularly.

Watch Your Images

Become familiar with image basics for your community. Posting a rectangular photo in a square slot is going to lead to distortion. Understand the pixel size that is most appropriate for your community and for users on desktops and mobile devices. Once you find the right size, stick with it. There’s nothing worse than an image that doesn’t load properly or is distorted, it looks sloppy – which exactly what you don’t want inside of your community.

Know Your Customers

Posting at 8 am every day isn’t going to make an impact if your community members are most active in the evenings. You want to stay at the top of their feeds when they are most active. Become familiar with their online activities, pay attention to when the most activity takes place. Try to post within these limits. For best results, mix it up and vary when your content goes live.

Be Careful What – or How Often – You Ask

Calls to action are powerful, effective ways of communicating specific actions and goals to your readers and community members. However, when every article ends the same way, you’re not going to get the response you’re looking for.

With this in mind, use calls to actions wisely. Direct readers to your website, ask them to call you, ask for a comment or like, whatever you’d like. But, mix up what you’re asking, and watch your frequency. No one wants to be hounded.

Stay Relevant – But, Not Too Relevant

Yes, any information you post should relate back to your brand and your mission in some way shape or form. But, when your content all looks the same or relates to the same topic, you’re going to lose interest fast.

To avoid this, widen your range when it comes to what matters to your community. If you’re not sure, sign up for news alerts regarding products that you market or your industry. Set up an FAQ’s forum to allow customers to ask questions. Widen your range for best results.

An engaged community is a healthy community. As the moderator, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your content allows for and encourages this level of engagement in a natural, interactive manner. Ready to take it to the next notch? Check out Social HubSite’s features and dive in today by creating content that leaves an impact. Effectiveness matters now more than ever.

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