You have a goal. You know what you need for your association, club or non-profit to take it to the next level.

While you’re not sure exactly what it entails…you know that you need successful fundraising to make it happen.

Great. Maybe you have a few ideas to get there.

But…what does it really look like? What should you consider before you get started?

We get it. We’ve been there and we understand. While you stand at this point, ready to move forward…we’ve compiled advice we’ve found around the web to get you there. Below are a few highlights worth considering.

Align Around Your Fundraising Goals

In a post entitled “6 Signs of a Well-Run Non-Profit Organization,” writer Jeff Brooks talks about the importance of making fundraising a central focus of your organization. Fundraising shouldn’t be an afterthought, or something assigned to a single committee, it should be a central, driving focus behind what your organization does day in and day out.

Focus on Strong Governance

For an organization – or any fundraising efforts – to be successful, the guidance must come from the top, from strong governance, according to Fidelity Charitable (@fidelitychrtbl). Are your leaders all in? Are they united and focused on your goals? If not, fundraising efforts are likely to fall short.

Make Ongoing Giving the Priority

A one-time gift is great, it could help your organization a lot. But, the second gift should be the focus, according to Bloomerang (@BloomerangTech).

If fundraising is a central focus of your non-profit, the more important gift is the recurring one. How could you prioritize this in your organization?

Cut Costs: Remember, Fundraising Events Should Raise Funds

This gem, found in The Fundraising Authority’s (@fundraisingauth) article “Eight Fundamental Concepts for Successful Non-Profit Fundraising Events,” is something to keep in mind.

It might be tempting, according to the article, to focus on bringing in a great headliner and the best entertainment, but, if your goal is on raising funds, you should try to minimize costs in the process,.

Provide Education

In Entrepreneur’s (@entrepreneur) piece “Seven Golden Rules for Non-Profit Fundraising,” the idea of educating donors is a central focus. If donors understand WHY fundraising is so important and WHAT your mission really is, they’re more likely to get on board.

Are you trying to provide adequate education during the fundraising process? If not, it might be something to work on!

This list is by no means extensive, but, it’s designed to give you something to think about. We are grateful to organizations – like those mentioned above – who are working hard to motivate, educate and come alongside non-profits looking to be the best they can be.

If you’re looking for a way to improve how your non-profit functions on a daily basis – outside of the fundraising world, but as a complement to it as well – we’d love to talk. Check out what Social HubSite has to offer today by discovering how it works!

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