I’m excited to share that we just released an upgrade to our turnkey social networking platform here at Social HubSite. This makes it an even better solution for attracting new people to your brand, running a customer/fan community, private company portal, membership community, etc. There is no question that in today’s world, people are interacting with social networks more on a mobile device than a desktop or laptop. Your social network will need it in order to maintain a high level of engagement from members.

Here are some of the key features with the new mobile version of social network platform:

Beautiful Mobile Interface

You will find that the mobile version of your social network looks and functions just like an app. It’s extremely easy to jump from one section to the other with a profile options button (on the top-left) and pages options button (on top right).


Mobile Image Uploading

There is no doubt that images play a big part in engaging the members of your social network. The new mobile version will allow members to upload images right from their phone into a status update. This option can be turned on or off in the theme settings.


Easier To Navigate

Features such as message board posting, sending private messages and “friending” are extremely easy to do on the mobile version of the social network platform. The design responds to the members device avoiding the need to zoom in. This is incredibly important to increase user engagement since most people will be accessing your social network from a mobile device.


Built-in Social Invitations

As part of the turnkey setup of the social network platform, we have installed a social invitation plugin (for Open Social Networking Platform). By default, this will show up on the homepage of your social network. This will empower members to send direct messages to all of their contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to join your social network. I can’t stress how important this tool is in the growth of your social network.


You can launch the turnkey social networking platform right from your dashboard by clicking “Create Website”.


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