The Digital World is Made of Thick Ice

We’ve all heard that we need to share valuable content to our prospective customers in order to build trust. It’s a simple concept. The problem is that just sharing valuable content by itself is not good enough. My first few years in business, starting in 2005, I drank the cool aid. I publish, published and published some more. The first few years of running Phase 2 Solutions, the parent company of Social HubSite, we were more of a traditional website development company. So back then I would publish everything from how-to’s on building a better website to getting more website traffic. The problem was that everyone else in this industry was publishing on similar topics. This created a lot of noise and made it even more difficult to be well known as an industry authority.

Boring Sucks

When I would write new content, I would come across in a way that was almost academic versus letting my personality come out. I was worried of how the professional world would view me and my company. I feared the negative blog comment. I knew what I wanted to share and would spend hours preparing content, but when I hit publish, I received very little traction. My subscriber base grew because I could network well in person and was genuine in my communication, but when it came to engaging the same people online, but seemed much more difficult.

Personality is Everything

It wasn’t until I started to pay attention to how I was reacting to other people’s content that I realized one thing that changed everything. The content I engaged with the most had personality. Bloggers that I follow, such as David Risley and Chris Brogan, captured my attention, not because of the topic they cover is relevant to my industry, but because they brought their personality into every single post.

Relevant content + a personality people connect with = loyal followers/customers

I learned that you can’t just rely on the method in which to share (i.e. email or social networking) or what you share (i.e. industry specific tips), but more on how you are sharing it. The way you say it, not just what you say. Let’s dive into this subject a bit deeper via the video below and put this concept into the context of how you bring personality into the way you communicate with your business prospects.

[viddler id=597c7208 h=370 w=600]

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