If you have an analytics account of some sort (like those available through Social HubSite, or Google Analytics), you’re on the right track. You understand that tracking visitors and trends is an important aspect of growing a website and generating traffic on an ongoing basis. If you have yet to create an account, now’s the best time to get started.

While these tools are useful for measuring visits, tracking keywords and deciphering campaign success, there may an even more practical application: content creation.

Using Analytics to Create Targeted Content

Whether you have a strong idea of who your target market is (which we strongly encourage) or not, analytics can help with creating targeted content that meets and exceeds your business needs.

At Social HubSite, we believe that content breathes life into brands. It’s a way to connect with customers before they become customers and to share what your brand believes in and has to offer. It’s a way to become a trusted information source before any services or goods are exchanged in the first place.

Using measurement tools is a way to take this one-step further. In general, analytics programs have tools for measuring visitor demographics, keyword sources, page visits, age, sex, browsing preferences and even referral sites.

Putting the Information to Use

By taking a look at the above trends and measuring them over time, you’ll gain a better understanding of exactly who your online visitors are. Use this information to create customer profiles and to generate and publish content that reaches out to them specifically. By doing so, you’ll be more likely to convert because your content will cater to your actual audience.

See a demographic that’s missing from your analytics? A group you want to reach out to but learn from the data that you’re not? This is also an opportunity. Think about the content that’s currently on your site and think about why your intended target may be missing from your analytics tools. You’ll then be able to rethink your content strategy to target this demographic.

Whatever your brand’s online goal may be, catering to your visitors is critical for success. Looking for more information or for ways to get started? Contact the Social HubSite team today.

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