Social networking sites are a staple of today’s online world. Our society looks for opportunities to connect, to share and to engage others as frequently as possible. In fact, some would argue that most connections occur online.

Because of our culture’s focus on social networking and online connections, it makes sense that product sales could benefit by using similar tools and strategies. E-Commerce sites are a dime a dozen, but you can make yours stand out by integrating social tools.

Use Traditional Social Media Sites to Drive Sales

Traditional social media sites do not have to remain separate from your E-Commerce site; instead, the two can operate together. Be sure to utilize an E-Commerce platform (like the one offered by Social HubSite) that allows you to link to your other social media sites. Social media integrations allow you to alert your fans and followers to sales, new products and announcements without any extra effort.

Allow Customers to Connect

The largest difference between traditional E-Commerce sites and Social E-Commerce sites is the ability Social e-Commerce platforms give users to connect with other users. Reviews allow users to share honest thoughts and opinions (while giving administrators the chance to respond), easy tracking tools make shopping more user friendly and a built-in blog allows you to share tips, thoughts and any other information pertinent to your store and/or brand.

Allowing customers to view more than a store front makes them part of your brand. It builds a personal connection and encourages repeat business.

Utilize Viral Marketing

Maybe viral marketing is an unfamiliar term. By definition, it is “a method of product promotion that relies on getting customers to market an idea, product, or service on their own by telling their friends and connections.” To put it simply: it makes your customers your biggest brand advocates. With some companies this happens naturally over time. But, you can speed up the process on your own.

Tools like social coupons and announcement options allow you to share special deals and promotions on your Social E-Commerce site with your past customers and social networking connections. These connections are then able to pass the information on to theirs, exponentially raising your store’s page view potential and increasing sales. Viral marketing should be a daily thought to help grow your online store.

E-mail Marketing Advantages

Social E-Commerce platforms allow you to connect instantly with your past customers and other e-mail lists. Sending out regular e-newsletters allows you to stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds. Send out information that’s relevant, helpful and useful, not constant information about your store. By providing information that they need, your customers will come to see you as a trusted source, which boosts your brand’s reliability factor.

Social E-Commerce sites have various tools that allow you to connect further with your client base. Try one out today!

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