Increase Member Engagement for Your Association

One place to engage, share and connect with members of your association.

The Social HubSite private member engagement platform enables your association to take full control of the way your members engage, share and connect with each other. A wide array of system integrations provide your association one central location to effectively share content, engage in discussions and connect with members within the various groups and committees that make up your association. No need to piece everything together, Social HubSite brings it all in one platform.

Social HubSite Features

All the tools your association needs to increase member engagement.

Social Networking

Allow members to connect with each other.


Keep engagement relevant to everyone.

Publishing Tools

Record videos, share links, audio. etc.

Video Conferencing

Connect in real time with video.

Live Meeting Tools

Group chat, instant file sharing, etc.

Mobile Sharing

Meetings, file sharing and more on the go.

Event Management

Post events and accepts RSVP’s.

Privacy Options

100% control of privacy options.

Auto Notifications

Email and mobile push notification options.

Private Messaging

Make it easy for members to connect.


Share important news and resources.

Document Storage

One central place to find documents.

Social Integrations

Options to share with the outside world.

Custom Domain

Maintain your own unique address.

Mobile Ready

Access your community from anywhere.

Unparalleled Training and Support

We are dedicated to making sure your digital community is up and running successfully.


A dedicated support advisor will work with you from the minute you sign up to assure your Social HubSite is up and running successfully.


We post helpful training articles, videos and interviews with industry experts to provide you with the knowledge necessary to assure your digital community is a success.


We are constantly publishing new detailed documentation on how to use Social HubSite. We publish everything from how-to videos to best practices.

Latest from the learning center

Optimize the way you engage, share and connect with your association.


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