Improve member communication and bring more value to members

The Social HubSite member collaboration platform provides you with one place to engage, share, connect and get things done with the various member groups, committees and volunteers that make up your organization. The cloud-based system combines community management, project management and publishing features designed specifically for the organization that needs to get more done with less.

Sit back, relax & de-clutter the way you communicate with members

Most organizations use between 8-12 web apps to manage communication with members. This makes it more difficult to manage and becomes more costly, especially with limited resources. We’ve done our homework, asked organizations about the frustration they have with member communication and through that have developed an integrated platform to bring everything you need to manage member communication into one place, your Social HubSite.

Increase revenue opportunities and decrease member attrition

As you know, one of the main reasons members leave your organization is due to lack of participation and engagement. Trying to engage members on various social networks makes it hard to give members a sense of community, deliver education and keep members involved. Because Social HubSite integrates everything you need to communicate with members in one place, members feel a sense of community, become engaged and continue their membership, and best of all, tell others.

Of the over 50,000 features, here are just a few commonly used by membership organizations

An integrated set of premium community management, project management and publishing tools configured for organizations.

Social Networking

Allow members to connect with each other.


Keep engagement relevant to everyone.

Publishing Tools

Share videos, audio, pictures, etc.

Member Management

Collect, store and manage member data.


Manage dues, invoices and payments.

Member Reporting

Track member activity and data.


Maximum protection of your information.

Website Design

Fit with your organization’s brand.

Marketing Automation

Automate processes w/ other applications.

Project Management

Manage projects within your community.

Event Management

Post events and accept RSVP’s.

Privacy Options

100% control of privacy options.

Member Notifications

Email and mobile push notification options.


Find everything in one place.

Document Sharing

One central place to find documents.

Social Integrations

Options to share with the outside world.

Custom Domain

Maintain your own unique address.

Mobile Ready

Access your community from anywhere.

Web Conferencing

Record and archive webinars.


Promote member participation.

Learning Management

Setup online courses for members.

Paid Membership Access

Charge members for access.

Idea Sharing

Share and vote on ideas.


Collect money for various causes.


Payments, surveys, registrations, etc.

Job Board

Post jobs, accept applications, etc.

Database Management

Member lists, sorting, exporting, etc.

Live Collaboration

Connect and share in real time.


Sell products, manage orders, etc.

Database Syncing

Sync member data to your website.

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We Play Nice With Others

Social HubSite integrates with thousands of popular applications to lesson your workload.

Take a Deeper Look

View just a few of the many features your organization can utilize to improve member communication.

Unparalleled Consulting, Training and Support

We are dedicated to making sure you achieve the mission of your organization.


Social HubSite is about optimizing your member collaboration system. Sometimes that system only involves your online member community (your Social HubSite), and sometimes it involves many systems (your CRM, event management, etc.). You will be matched with an experienced community advisor that listens to your objectives/challenges and provides you with the right resources you need to make your community a success. This solution-oriented approach enables you to optimize an overall member experience that supports your mission.


Education and strategy is the number one top priority in keeping your online member community thriving. Built into each Social HubSite are walk-through tutorials that guide you on basic and advanced features. We also hold weekly webinars, which you’ll be invited to via email, on how-to topics and strategies that you can deploy right from within your Social HubSite. For example, how to setup a Gamification system. This approach will not only assure the success of your online member community (your Social HubSite), but also empower your team to use the systems that integrate with it. The result, a better overall member experience and better productivity.


Between your dedicated community advisor (someone you can email/call directly) and the in-app live support, you’ll never feel alone. Your Social HubSite dedicated support team is not just providing one aspect of support (e.g. technical support). They are not accessible only via a call center. They are not just a person to contact when you have questions or problems. They are an integral part of your team. We believe that a proactive support approach combined with years of community management experience and a strong methodology will maximize the opportunity to use your member collaboration system (i.e. your Social HubSite) as a utility in achieving your mission.

A Roadmap for Your Success

How we turn your organizations objectives into a reality through the power of community.

30 Day Free Trial

The best way to experience the Social HubSite platform is to start a 30 day free trial. This enables you to experience vast number of features available and to work with a dedicated community advisor that will understand your goals and work with our community support team to make sure you receive the best 30 day free trial possible. Once you signed up for your trial, you’ll be immediately guided through the base setup so you can get your community up and running in minutes.

Schedule Discovery Call

A successful community starts with smart strategy. Upon signing up for your 30 day free trial, one of our experienced community advisors will reach out to setup a discovery call. The purpose of the discovery call is to understand your current challenges and objectives so we can guide you and provide you with the right resources to make your community a success.

Community Support

We believe in empowering you with the right resources required to properly manage your community. To start, we are continually adding new guided tutorials that you can access right from your community. This literally guides you through not only the setup of your Social HubSite, but also in setting up many of the powerful features built into the system. If you don’t have the time or simply need someone else to manage the community, let your dedicated community advisor know and they can set you up with one of our platform partners. We have a wide array of qualified platform partners that handle everything from feature customization, design (e.g. custom sign up pages), mobile app integrations, content creation, community management and much more!

Featured Success Stories

Find out how Social HubSite is working for other membership organizations.


Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association

A success story on increasing member engagement.

The Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association (PBBA) has 2 conferences (spring and fall) throughout the year. These conferences offer excellent educational and networking opportunities for members. PBBA noticed a trending decline in attendance to their conferences starting in 2013. The only method of marketing the conferences used before was through their email marketing software.

National Utility Contractors Association of Pennsylvania

A success story on improving member communication.

The National Utility Contractors Association of Pennsylvania (NUCA of PA) is an association made up not only of utility contractors, but also a government relationship committee, safety committee, affiliate members and associate members. The challenge they faced before using Social HubSite was reaching out to members to make them aware of timely information that members needed to act on, updates on progress with government relations and many other areas.



Execupay Licensee Association

A success story on increasing membership value.

The Execupay Licensee Association is comprised of licensees of Execupay, a software for payroll professionals. A key aspect of the association is collaboration from members to vote on new software feature suggestions, share reports, ask/answer questions and to discuss other issues. Before Social HubSite, managing all of these aspects became challenging considering that most web platforms only handled one or a few aspects of what they needed (e.g. documenting feature suggestions, managing questions, user group forums, sharing documents, etc.).

The Arc of Dauphin County

A success story on improving member communication.

The Arc of Dauphin County, based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is an organization devoted to enhancing the quality of life and community integration for individuals with special needs. A large part of how they communicate and get things done is through their board, volunteers and committees. Before Social HubSite, their communication internally with these various groups was scattered. Sharing of important documents took place through an FTP site. This forced communication around documents to take place via email and became fragmented causing participation from the various groups to decline.


Associations Connect

Experience Social HubSite first-hand by joining Associations Connect. Here you will be able to learn and share ideas with other leaders to help advance the mission of your membership organization.

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Covering new features, case studies, how-to’s and more to help you achieve your mission through your community.


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What to Expect

Requesting a discovery call enables us to understand the needs and overall challenges your organization is facing. Launching a community starts with strategy, not software. The goal of the call is to ask the right questions and listen to you so we can provide you with the best possible information and experience to evaluate the Social HubSite solution.

Great software doesn’t make a great community. A combination of the right features, strategy and execution toward a common goal is what makes a great community. The first step is understanding what those goals are.

Here’s what to expect with your discovery call:

  • Call usually takes 30 – 60 minutes
  • Questions to understand your objectives
  • Review specific features you are looking for
  • Understand your support/consulting needs
  • Assist in setting up a demo Social HubSite
  • Activate key features you would like to see
  • Follow up with a proposal that meets your needs

Overall, the goal of the discovery call is to make sure Social HubSite is a right fit for your organization.

To request a discovery call, please complete the form to your right. A Social HubSite Community Advisor will contact you within 24 business hours to confirm a date and time for the call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered before you move forward.

How does Social HubSite differ from member management systems?

Most membership management systems focus on managing member databases (such as payments, events, etc.), but many of these types of systems don’t focus their platform and service around improving member collaboration.

Although Social HubSite, and it’s many plugins, have many of the features that association management systems have and can replace these systems, it can be integrated with existing membership management systems creating seamless interaction between items such as member databases.

How does Social HubSite differ from other online community platforms?

Outside of technology and community features, such as groups, member messaging and document sharing, our solution-oriented approach is what sets us apart.

The fact is that platforms and technology won’t meet your objectives alone. It requires attention to details. It requires, not more features, but the right features. It requires the right strategy. Because of this, we’ve structured our solution to include dedicated and trained community advisors to help you day in and day out to make sure your association’s objectives and mission are met through Social HubSite.

How do we launch our online member community through Social HubSite?

Many of the organizations we work with launch their member community by starting small and launching in stages. For example, creating a group for a committee and importing members into that committee.

Another great simple way to launch is by simply sending an email campaign announcing the purpose of the community along with providing members with their login. Social HubSite makes this possible within 2 clicks of a mouse.

We work with many membership-driven organization, but the one thing that is consistent is that not every launch is the same. This is why we’ve structured the solution to combine proper configuration of the platform with proper strategic advice and hand-on support from a dedicated community advisor.

I am tasked with comparing online community platforms for my membership organization. How can I get information to present to the end decision makers?

We understand that the decision making process with membership organizations varies. If you need additional information and a proposal to present to decision makers (e.g. board, committee, etc.), we suggest scheduling a discovery call. This will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the solution and receive a proposal detailing everything you need to present to decision makers.

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