Improve member communication and bring more value to members

The Social HubSite member collaboration platform provides you with one place to engage, share, connect and get things done with the various member groups, committees and volunteers that make up your association. The cloud-based system combines community management, project management and publishing features designed specifically for the small association that needs to get more done with less.

Sit back, relax & de-clutter the way you communicate with association members

Most associations use between 8-12 web apps to manage communication with members. This makes it more difficult to manage and becomes more costly, especially with limited resources. We’ve done our homework, asked small associations about the frustration they have with member communication and through that have developed an integrated platform to bring everything you need to manage member communication into one place, your Social HubSite.

Increase revenue opportunities and decrease member attrition

As you know, one of the main reasons members leave associations is due to lack of participation and engagement. Trying to engage members on various social networks makes it hard to give members a sense of community, deliver education and keep members involved. Because Social HubSite integrates everything you need to communicate with members in one place, members feel a sense of community, become engaged and continue their membership, and best of all, tell others.

Everything you need to collaborate more effectively with members of your association

An integrated set of premium community management, project management and publishing tools configured for small associations.

Social Networking

Allow members to connect with each other.


Keep engagement relevant to everyone.

Publishing Tools

Share videos, links, pictures, etc.


Maximum protection of your information.

Project Management

Manage projects within your community.

Mobile Sharing

Engage, share and connect on the go.

Event Management

Post events and accepts RSVP’s.

Privacy Options

100% control of privacy options.

Auto Notifications

Email and mobile push notification options.

Private Messaging

Make it easy for members to connect.


Share important news and resources.

Document Storage

One central place to find documents.

Social Integrations

Options to share with the outside world.

Custom Domain

Maintain your own unique address.

Mobile Ready

Access your community from anywhere.

Take a Deeper Look

View just a few of the many features your associations can utilize to improve member communication.

A Roadmap for Your Associations Success

How we turn your associations objectives into a reality through the power of community.

Schedule a Live Demo

The Social HubSite experience starts with the live demonstration. An expert community advisor will confirm a date/time for the demo within 24 hours after filling out your demo request. From there we will send you a link to a web meeting.

The Live Demonstration

The live demonstration will last approximately 20-30 minutes. It first starts out by asking you a few questions to understand your association, your mission and your objectives. The presentation will be tailored to the needs of your association so get a chance to see all of the relevant features. We’ll also briefly discuss a strategy for launching your community and how it’s going to be managed.

Propose a Solution

Once we understand your objectives, we will prepare a simple yearly cost estimate including both the platform and community support. Every community is different and technology isn’t alone going to meet your objectives. It’s a combination of both. This is why each proposed solution is carefully tailored to the needs of your association.

Launch Social HubSite

Once the proposal is accepted, your Social HubSite community advisor will schedule a call to review the launch strategy. Your community advisor will also help setup your Social HubSite (e.g. importing members, setting up groups, turning on all necessary integrations, etc.) according to your strategy. During the launch and future of your Social HubSite, you will never be left alone. Your community advisor will not only assure that your community is setup properly, but also make sure you are trained properly so you feel comfortable in managing your community.

Community Maintenance

Your community advisor will check in regularly to gauge the health of your community. They will make recommendations, help setup any necessary integrations and make any configurations changes to your Social HubSite. There is no doubt that in order to experience the benefits of a thriving online community it takes time, attention and the right strategy. We are here to help your association every step of the way to assure your community is a success.

Unparalleled Training and Support

We are dedicated to making sure you achieve the mission of your association.


A dedicated support advisor will work with you from the minute you sign up to assure your Social HubSite is up and running successfully.


We post helpful training articles, videos and interviews with industry experts to provide you with the knowledge necessary to assure your digital community is a success.


We are constantly publishing new detailed documentation on how to use Social HubSite. We publish everything from how-to videos to best practices.

Featured Success Stories

Find out how Social HubSite is working for other associations.


Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association

A success story on increasing member engagement.

The Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association (PBBA) has 2 conferences (spring and fall) throughout the year. These conferences offer excellent educational and networking opportunities for members. PBBA noticed a trending decline in attendance to their conferences starting in 2013. The only method of marketing the conferences used before was through their email marketing software.

National Utility Contractors Association of Pennsylvania

A success story on improving member communication.

The National Utility Contractors Association of Pennsylvania (NUCA of PA) is an association made up not only of utility contractors, but also a government relationship committee, safety committee, affiliate members and associate members. The challenge they faced before using Social HubSite was reaching out to members to make them aware of timely information that members needed to act on, updates on progress with government relations and many other areas.



Execupay Licensee Association

A success story on increasing membership value.

The Execupay Licensee Association is comprised of licensees of Execupay, a software for payroll professionals. A key aspect of the association is collaboration from members to vote on new software feature suggestions, share reports, ask/answer questions and to discuss other issues. Before Social HubSite, managing all of these aspects became challenging considering that most web platforms only handled one or a few aspects of what they needed (e.g. documenting feature suggestions, managing questions, user group forums, sharing documents, etc.).

Latest News & Resources

Covering new features, case studies, how-to’s and more to help you achieve your mission through your community.


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Here’s what to expect:

  • Demonstration usually takes 20-30 minutes
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  • Discussion on community management strategy
  • Q & A session to answer your questions

Overall, the goal of the live demonstration is to make sure Social HubSite is a right fit for your association.

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